Boiler Servicing, Repair and Installation

The health of your Central Heating System is important, neglect it and it will need to be replaced much sooner rather than later. To get maximum output at the best efficiency regular servicing is advised.

Safety is also a must, a faulty boiler increases the risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning which again can be deterred through regular servicing.

The repair of your boiler is paramount to M Duke Services and will endeavour to fix any problems to get you up and running quickly again with the least disruption to you.

Depending upon the age and output efficiency of your boiler it may mean that a newer more efficient boiler which complies with the newest standards would be the best investment.


Upgrading current or installing a whole new Central Heating System

Whether it is a boiler upgrade, radiator replacement or a whole new heating system to be installed M Duke Services would be able to discuss and advise on the best way forward for your individual requirements.


Installation of Underfloor Heating

Does the feeling of warmth under your feet without any radiators visible or stepping out of the shower onto a warm floor appeal? Underfloor Heating can be installed all across your home.


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